Posted on: August 2, 2009 8:48 pm

Why the Bobcats Should Sign Allen Iverson

1: he will score points
2: he will fill seats
3: we will not need to spend big money on raymond felton (that one kind of hurts to write)
4: Augustin will be the starter in 2010 anyways
5: he would not break the bank
6: people in charlotte might actually remember there is an NBA team in the city
7: the Bobcats do not have a volume shooter
8: i hear he throws a mean lob (which is the only way Tyson Chandler is capable of scoring)

these are not perfect reasons. probably not great reasons. but i think they are a better alternative than throwing too much money at an average league guard in Raymond Felton.  Iverson can keep the seat warm for Augustin for a year, then come off the bench in two years or retire.  i know he's not the same player he was 5 years ago, or even 3 years ago, but he's a warrior. the cats are young any more, but augustin is one who could learn from AI.  An offseason that adds a legitimate center (Tyson Chandler), a young 2 guard (Henderson) and a veteran PG (Iverson) could push the cats into a 7 or 8 seed without breaking the bank for years to come. 
Posted on: June 27, 2008 5:02 pm

Bobcats '08-'09 = 41-41

Starting Lineup :  Felton, Richardson, Wallace, Okafor, Mohammed

Bench: Augustin, Carroll, Morrison, Dudley, Ajinca, Davidson

It was disappointing to watch us avoid any instant help as far as our starting lineup is concerned.  I understand Augustin will be a better player than felton eventually, but Charlotte needs a winner now to develop some fan base...and a starting center such as Brook Lopez would have been a better start in my opinion.  Give Ajinca some time and he might play 20mins a game, but he has a lot more Johnathan Bender potential than Dwight Howard potential.  I read that he has played some 2-guard in France.....and i thought we were looking for inside help!? 

But all hope is not lost, now we just have to put priority on re-signing Okafor, and signing another big to provide a capable backup to Mohammed (because neither Jermareo Davidson or Ajinca will be that this year).  I am holding out hope may will have a healthy year and back okafor up. 

Besides our lack of depth at the 5 position, i feel really good about how our backcourt is going to look.  Having mcginnis and boykins as our backup PG's was a disaster last year, and led to Felton having to play way too many minutes, and his FG% suffered because of it.  With augustin, ironically, i will expect an increase in Felton's numbers, as he will be more fresh to run with Wallace and Richardson or kick it out to Carroll or Morrison to pop a trey. 

Although the draft was not one of the best in the league, the Bobcats are coming back with the whole team + 2 injured 1st round picks + 2 current 1st round picks and a legendary coach.  Things are looking up.

Posted on: June 12, 2008 11:07 am

UNC draft predictions

Ty lawson is an idiot stuck between a rock and a hard place. If he comes back Roy should suspend him for at least 5 games for his traffic violation and alcohol findings, and if he stays in the draft no team should take him higher than 20.  If he would come back for another year, with good behavior and a 15 & 8 season, he could be a lottery pick next year.  but he sounds highly UNmotivated to win a championship even if he did come back. Lawson=stays in the draft.

Danny Green needs to help support his family. no doubt that is an admirable goal, and i would bet that if he found a team willing to guarantee him a contract, he would go no matter where he would ultimately be drafted.  unfortunately for him, i don't think a team will take a chance on a 6'6 SF with no handles, average speed, and an average jumper.  he kind of reminds me of a Reyshawn Terry with less hops.  Green=Back in chapel hill in the fall.

Wayne is the hardest of the three to understand.  kid's got an unbelievable shot, and great potential to be a star in the mold of a Ray Allen or Rip Hamilton at the next level.  But both Allen and Hamilton stayed in college three years (UCONN) to help develop their bodies and refine their games.  Wayne doesn't sound too motivated to come back (like lawson) but i don't think he will be able to get a 1st round guarantee like he wants.  Ellington=Back in chapel hill in the fall.

That means the roster looks something like this:

PG: Frasor, Drew

SG: Ellington, Graves

SF: Green, Ginyard

PF: Thompson, Davis

C: Hansbrough, Zeller


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